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Our Purpose

Why we do what we do...

We believe that through personal development people can unlock their true potential and experience personal growth and sustainability.

Our Principle

How we do what we do...

We dedicate our efforts and resources to becoming the largest marketplace for online personal development courses.

Our Practice

What we do...

We provide a platform for instructors to distribute courses to students seeking personal development.

Is there training on how to create an online course?

Yes, we have created a training program to help you develop your own online courses for your chosen area of expertise.

How do I generate revenue on emindstate?

You keep 100% of the revenue (minus payment processing fee) when you bring new students to emindstate. For every student we bring to your course through our marketing activities, you keep 50% of the sale.

What does a course on emindstate look like?

Typically an emindstate course has 1 - 3 hours of content. It should have at least 30 minutes of content with 60% being video content.

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